Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my cycle-day package from Rederij Doeksen/Tourist Information Office also allow me to rent an electric bike from Zeelen?
    Yes this is possible for an addition payment of €15 and the handing in of the bike voucher. Please book your bike well in advance.
  • Is it necessary to book the bikes in advance?
    When you would like to be assured of having a bike on the island, we recommend booking in advance. It also means we can give you a bike faster because we already have your details.
  • What do you have for parents with a baby under 9 months old?
    Cargo bikes with a Maxi-Cosi carrier (Gazelle and, this is suitable for the youngest babies and allows you to keep a careful eye on them. Babies can also be carried in a kidcar behind the bike, the Maxi-Cosi can be placed in the kidcar.
  • How does the luggage transport work?
    Luggage can be handed in to Zeelen directly upon arrival, we label your luggage with the accommodation address you supply and then we deliver it to said address. Allowing you to discover Terschelling by bike at the same time.
  • Will you pick up our luggage for our return trip home?
    Yes, but please make an appointment for this a day before your departure, this can be done at any 1 of our 5 branches via the telephone. If you would like to go shopping in West Terschelling, you can leave your luggage with us.
  • Do you also have bikes with a low step?
    Yes, our Gazelle Orange and Batavus Holiday have this. Please specify at comments. We also have another extra low step and that is the Sparta Entree (please book this one via the telephone or per e-mail).
  • Can I have my bikes delivered to our holiday home address?
    Yes, we will deliver the bikes to the address so long as you book this at least a number of days in advance.
    Select the option Delivery on the  booking form  at branch.
  • Can I hand in the bike I rented at the harbour at one of your other branches?
    Yes, you can hand in all Zeelen bikes at any one of our branches.
  • What can I rent for my dog?
    We rent dog carriers for behind the bike, e.g., the fabric doggy ride or a cargo bike. We also have dog baskets for the front and back of the bike for small dogs.
  • I am very tall, what bike would suit me best?
    We recommend booking a 7 speed touring bike as well as passing on your height details and leave the rest to us.

Is your question not among our list?
Well just ask your question via the contact page and we will answer your e-mail as soon as possible or call us with your question on 0562-448165.